With the cold waves this winter, the staff at MacBatec would like to remind our customers and friends that the lead-acid batteries are designed to start working at a temperature of 25*C. The batteries that are below this temerature tend to have problems starting and reduce their nominal power to a large extent , decreasing upto 40% of their potential when the temperature is below -15*C

Our recommendation is to store the batteries inside a warehouse or covered and, if at all possible, dont leave them resting for more than 12 hours in a row. The batteries get cold and could become damaged.

A good way to battle against the cold inside the batteries is to ensure they are correctly filled with water, properly maintained, and properly used. Moving them a little, although they aren’t being used to work, can raise the temperature and keep them from becoming damaged.

MacBatec participated as an exhibitor at the Feria de Logistics 2018 Madrid.

We were demonstrating our new battery regenerator version 3.0, which has been completely developed and manufactured in Spain.

We visited our clients that participated as exhibitors and we welcomed everyone who came to our stand, where they could see firsthand the technical and economic benefits from implementing our battery regeneration system.

In this post we want to highlight the importance of correctly topping off the water for optimum health and efficient maintenance of batteries.

We all know that topping off a battery is very important, but we may not know why exactly.

Well, the main reason is that when the water level inside the cells goes down, the top of the electrodes is exposed to the air, which produces a series of negative reactions. The active materials become sulfated upon contact with the oxygen in the air and the lead will oxidize for the same reason.

In addition, the remaining electrolyte becomes too concentrated, especially at the bottom of the cell; So the acid will burn the bottom of the electrodes and will cause irreversible damage to them.

The next question is when do you have to fill the batteries with water. Well, they must always be filled at the end of the charge. Otherwise, it will overflow during charging process; It will dilute the acid from the electrolyte and cause oxidation on the top of the battery.

And, of course, always use distilled and deionized water, because if we use tap water, we will be adding metal ions and other impurities to the electrolyte, which will cause severe reactions to the system and reduce battery lifespan.

As you know, in Macbatec we are experts in the regeneration of batteries and the maintenance of battery fleets, and we always insist on how important correct maintenance of batteries is, which includes the correct filling of water in the cells.

We can help you improve the life of your battery fleet thanks to our battery regenerators, which break the sulfation generated on the electrodes. But nothing can be done when there are oxidation problems or mechanical damage.

For all of the above, please pay attention to correctly top off of your batteries if you want them to last as long as possible and help you reduce the expenses related to the maintenance of the batteries.

See you soon!

Recently, MacBatec was recognized as the official distributor of Fronius´ Active Inverter Technology for Spain and Portugal. Fronius is a world leader in know-how for everything related to battery charging and intelligent energy management systems that guarantee maximum profitability for modern mobility.

The new selective battery chargers for 24 V, 36 V, 48 V and 80 V batteries are characterized by their innovative charging process. The successful Active Inverter Technology with the revolutionary Ri charging process adapts to the needs of the battery by charging it with current only when it is really necessary. Conventional battery charging technologies charge according to a predetermined fixed charge characteristic curve and do not take into account the condition of the battery.

 In the same way, our Macbat technology operates by analyzing the internal situation of the battery and will adapt to it to regenerate it, without any curve or pre-established procedure equal for all batteries. Because we know that each battery is different and is in a different situation, at MacBatec, we think that adapting the technology to the particular situation of each customer and battery is the key to maximizing its performance.

 That’s why the combined performance of Fronius Ri chargers, together with our Macbat technology, the best battery regeneration device on the market, will increase the life of your battery fleet to the highest technical limits.

 Fronius and MacBatec, a winning bet.


As we start a new year, we have good intentions for the next twelve months that we make at this time. At MacBatec we are experts in battery regeneration and maintenance and we would like to make a proposition for all battery users who want to extend the life of their fleet as much as possible.

We propose to those who work with lead acid batteries to always let them fully charge before removing them from the charger. We are well aware that the rush and urgency nowadays can make us pay less attention to small details or to those that do not seem very important. However, in the case of lead-acid batteries, it is vital that you charge them in a healthy way to avoid accelerated sulfation that will reduce their useful life. Incomplete charging cycles will only make the lifespan of batteries fall rapidly.

When this happens, we, here at MacBatec, can offer solutions for the regeneration of your batteries, which will increase their life. Our battery regenerators will definitely increase the life of your fleet of batteries. If these batteries have been properly managed and incomplete loads have been avoided, the results you will get with our battery regenerators will be much greater and the savings generated will also be much more important.

We cannot but insist on the previous recommendation. You should avoid the incomplete charges of the batteries as much as possible. You will ensure that the life of your fleet of batteries is lengthened and thus generate savings. The savings will not only be economic, but also environmental, as we will contribute to the reduction of the consumption of lead-acid batteries.

Happy New Year to everyone!

On September 23rd and 24th, MacBatec was at the Madrid Logistics fair visiting current clients and informing prospective clients about their battery regeneration technology to save costs and increase battery life.

MacBatec had the opportunity to discuss the advantages of their battery regenerators for the operating efficiency of batteries and the savings to companies that have medium to large logistic parks.

For businesses interested in battery regeneration, MacBatec can contribute their experience in battery regeneration by electric pulses and their knowhow in the sector. The technology, colloquially known as “the macbat”, has become known as the most efficient solution in the market to generate net savings and improvements in the maintenance of large battery fleets.