Recently, MacBatec was recognized as the official distributor of Fronius´ Active Inverter Technology for Spain and Portugal. Fronius is a world leader in know-how for everything related to battery charging and intelligent energy management systems that guarantee maximum profitability for modern mobility.

The new selective battery chargers for 24 V, 36 V, 48 V and 80 V batteries are characterized by their innovative charging process. The successful Active Inverter Technology with the revolutionary Ri charging process adapts to the needs of the battery by charging it with current only when it is really necessary. Conventional battery charging technologies charge according to a predetermined fixed charge characteristic curve and do not take into account the condition of the battery.

 In the same way, our Macbat technology operates by analyzing the internal situation of the battery and will adapt to it to regenerate it, without any curve or pre-established procedure equal for all batteries. Because we know that each battery is different and is in a different situation, at MacBatec, we think that adapting the technology to the particular situation of each customer and battery is the key to maximizing its performance.

 That’s why the combined performance of Fronius Ri chargers, together with our Macbat technology, the best battery regeneration device on the market, will increase the life of your battery fleet to the highest technical limits.

 Fronius and MacBatec, a winning bet.