As we start a new year, we have good intentions for the next twelve months that we make at this time. At MacBatec we are experts in battery regeneration and maintenance and we would like to make a proposition for all battery users who want to extend the life of their fleet as much as possible.

We propose to those who work with lead acid batteries to always let them fully charge before removing them from the charger. We are well aware that the rush and urgency nowadays can make us pay less attention to small details or to those that do not seem very important. However, in the case of lead-acid batteries, it is vital that you charge them in a healthy way to avoid accelerated sulfation that will reduce their useful life. Incomplete charging cycles will only make the lifespan of batteries fall rapidly.

When this happens, we, here at MacBatec, can offer solutions for the regeneration of your batteries, which will increase their life. Our battery regenerators will definitely increase the life of your fleet of batteries. If these batteries have been properly managed and incomplete loads have been avoided, the results you will get with our battery regenerators will be much greater and the savings generated will also be much more important.

We cannot but insist on the previous recommendation. You should avoid the incomplete charges of the batteries as much as possible. You will ensure that the life of your fleet of batteries is lengthened and thus generate savings. The savings will not only be economic, but also environmental, as we will contribute to the reduction of the consumption of lead-acid batteries.

Happy New Year to everyone!