In this post we want to highlight the importance of correctly topping off the water for optimum health and efficient maintenance of batteries.

We all know that topping off a battery is very important, but we may not know why exactly.

Well, the main reason is that when the water level inside the cells goes down, the top of the electrodes is exposed to the air, which produces a series of negative reactions. The active materials become sulfated upon contact with the oxygen in the air and the lead will oxidize for the same reason.

In addition, the remaining electrolyte becomes too concentrated, especially at the bottom of the cell; So the acid will burn the bottom of the electrodes and will cause irreversible damage to them.

The next question is when do you have to fill the batteries with water. Well, they must always be filled at the end of the charge. Otherwise, it will overflow during charging process; It will dilute the acid from the electrolyte and cause oxidation on the top of the battery.

And, of course, always use distilled and deionized water, because if we use tap water, we will be adding metal ions and other impurities to the electrolyte, which will cause severe reactions to the system and reduce battery lifespan.

As you know, in Macbatec we are experts in the regeneration of batteries and the maintenance of battery fleets, and we always insist on how important correct maintenance of batteries is, which includes the correct filling of water in the cells.

We can help you improve the life of your battery fleet thanks to our battery regenerators, which break the sulfation generated on the electrodes. But nothing can be done when there are oxidation problems or mechanical damage.

For all of the above, please pay attention to correctly top off of your batteries if you want them to last as long as possible and help you reduce the expenses related to the maintenance of the batteries.

See you soon!