The MacBatec Battery Regeneration Family consists of all our satisfied customers, end users, partners, and other parties interested in saving money and protecting the environment.

We invite you to join the family!

Our technology is not designed to sell over the counter because of the technical support that a proper desulfation requires. As a result, we prefer to work directly with the end user.

Our main clients are:

• Forklift and mining truck dealers and users
• Battery producers and distributors
• Battery service, maintenance and repair centres
• Owners and managers of large batteries fleets

R&D and Production:

All of our battery desulphation machines are developed, tested and produced in our facilities in Sweden and in Spain. Furthermore, we also have qualified partners in several countries who help us provide local technical support to existing and new battery regenerator owners.

Sales and administration:

Our global sales and management offices are located in Spain.

Michael is a battery salesman. Because of the quantity of new competitors on the market and more aggressive pricing, he began to lose his market share. One day, Michael heard about MACBATEC and the services it offers. He thought it would be a great addition to his business to offer battery maintenance and regeneration services. Since he began using MACBATEC technology, his income from battery servicing has surpassed his battery sales. He has developed a portfolio of loyal customers who are willing to pay more money for batteries that last up to two and three times longer. Michael is now considering expanding his business to other cities.

David is a forklift dealer. Every year he spent thousands of euros buying new cells and batteries to replace in his rental machines, usually due to inadequate maintenance by his customers. Since he began doing the MACBATEC maintenance service, he no longer has to replace so many batteries, which has drastically cut down his costs. His customers are much happier now because they realised that batteries last longer and are less likely to need repairs due to electrical damages caused by low and uneven voltages. Not only has David increased his profits, he has also lowered his prices, thus benefitting his customers as well.

We had a 3.5 t electric Toyota truck and the batteries were in such bad shape that we couldn’t use the vehicle. After a one-week treatment by the MACBAT battery regeneration service, we could use the truck for an entire day without any problems. What MACBAT did for these batteries is totally amazing.

Before the regeneration, the battery could only sustain a maximum operational time of approximately 1.1 hours. After the regeneration process, the battery had a maximum operational time of 2.2 hours. Based on the battery´s age, and taking into consideration that the damaged cells were not replaced, we consider this a good investment.

My conclusion is that the regenerations that we did added more than two years of life to each battery, but that this might have been even longer if the batteries were used on equipment with more modern electronic control system.

We have now started the MACBAT regeneration program. Our fleet of twenty-three machines is being serviced once a year which ensures that we can expect a longer operational life and save on costs.

We are pleased to say that the work performed by the Macbat Battery Regenerator was of the highest standard and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this service.